The youth organization SJ-CEMAC presents itself:

SJ-CEMAC (Synergie des Jeunes de la Communauté Economique et Monétaire de l’Afrique Centrale – Youth Organization of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community) is the largest international youth organization of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community. She is based in Yaoundé (Cameroon), mobilized in the member countries of the CEMAC and trains the SJ-CEMAC thousands of young people (girls and boys), which will later play an important role of leaders in their communities.

The member countries of CEMAC are:

  • The Republic of Cameroon
  • The Central African Republic
  • The Republic of Congo
  • The Republic of Gabon
  • The Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • The Republic of Chad

The Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) is somehow similar to the European Union.

Objectives of the SJ-CEMAC

Legal support for effective sub-regional integration.

  • Promote the dissemination of the “Hymn of the CEMAC”.
  • Promoting the mixing of cultures between the youth of the CEMAC.
  • Contribute to the development of effective strategies to combat poverty through the promotion of better visibility of the benefits of integration and the dynamics of the youth in the member countries of CEMAC.
  • Helps the young people in CEMAC in the promotion of community life, creating a climate of social peace and cultural development.
  • Helps in the fight against youth unemployment, pandemics crises and disasters of all kind.


The SJ-CEMAC for the youth of all ages in CEMAC, developed an innovative program to enable them to be responsible and autonomous in a position to occupy a useful role in the society. This program also promotes respect for others in order to defend the concept of the “socialization of integration”. She works with global partners all together where necessary, by offering help and support for disadvantaged young people in need. As a social and humanitarian network, it works with partners who share the same goal and task.

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Our Reports

Synthesis Report of 2012 Quiz (french) Report of the launch week of patriotism Community (french)

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How do we work?

The General Assembly The decision-making body which is made up of representatives of the Member States of CEMAC or their permanent diplomatic representatives in Yaoundé, the partners of SJ-CEMAC, the honorary members, observers, members of the Board and the founding … Continue reading

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Contact our press office

In German: SJ-CEMAC c/o CEFOMEC e. V. Press and Public Relations Celsiusstraße 28 12207 Berlin (Lichterfelde) In French: SJ-CEMAC Presse et Relations publiques Siège social (Bureau international) Rue Jean Mermoz – Nkomkana 8366 Yaoundé Cameroun E-mail: Please use our contact … Continue reading

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CEFOMEC and SJ-CEMAC agree on cooperation

Berlin / Yaoundé, 29.12.2011: The two non-profit organizations CEFOMEC and SJ-CEMAC decided to cooperate and mutually open representative offices in both countries (Cameroon and Germany). CEFOMEC is a Berlin-based (Germany) non-profit organization which is committed to a project in Lomié, … Continue reading

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